UVé Beauty - UVé Essentials Makeup Brush Set (5)

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Description “Felt like incredibly expensive brushes… now my forever go tos!!!” We hear this a lot too. Packed with bristles and a punch, these silky-soft brushes always pick up just the right amount of product for you to buff, blend, and create flawless makeup looks. Designed with the most advanced materials available, these brushes level-up your artistry while protecting sensitive skin from harmful bacteria. Perfectly balanced performance for the pro, perfectly priced for everyone wanting more. Try them risk-free! Features Include: • Up to 99% bacteria-free for less breakouts and clearer skin • Mold resistant because mold shouldn’t be on your face • Balanced design of touch and density keeps makeup in place • Silky-soft bristles deliver a dreamy, effortless application • Copper ferrules for added cleanliness, durability and control • Solid wood handles adds density for professional control and precision • 8 coats of paint that leaves a lasting finish • Vegan and crue...