Windrift Hill Goat Milk Skincare - Goats N' Oats Goat Milk Body Butter

Goats n' oats goat milk body butter. Pure essential almond oil, a classic scent that everyone loves. Replenish essential skin moisture with super creamy, easily absorbed butter and goat milk formula. It's ideal for healing dry, cracked feet and hands, giving the skin a soft, velvety texture. Just a pea-sized scoop does your hands for the day & best of all it lasts through handwashings! Ingredients: goat milk and water, beeswax and apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and virgin coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, shea, and mango butter, aloe vera oil, and essential almond oil, vegetable glycerin, optiphen, vegetable palm stearic, vitamin E. Handmade in Montana, USA. Size: 4 oz.